During my time at the EIBTM 2014 in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to get to speak to a number of industry professionals and find out their thoughts on meetings technology and whether it was meeting the challenges they faced.

One person who I was eager to speak to was Vanessa McNair, the Director of Global Connect UK and European Group Coordinator AIME Australia. Luckily for me, Vanessa was extremely friendly and professional and was more than happy to sit down and answer my questions. Here’s what she had to say…




What is Global Connect UK?

Global Connect UK specialises in providing outsourced sales and marketing solutions for hotels, DMCs, CVBs, tourist boards, tour operators, specialist agents, airlines and other travel based organisations, seeking to heighten brand awareness and increase market share in the MICE and Leisure segments of the UK Travel market.

With combined experience of more than thirty years in the travel industry, we bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, contacts, relationships and creative ideas, to provide full representational services or an extensive selection of tactical actions, designed exclusively according to client specific needs.


What kind of services do you offer?

Global Connect UK offers a modular approach to sales and marketing services, from full representation to a broad selection of individual and ad-hoc tactical actions, built around specific requirements and budgets. All of Global Connect UK’s services are designed to enhance existing action plans, to help clients achieve elevated brand awareness, exposure and increased market share in the UK.


What are the main challenges of running professional events?

Money is always the biggest challenge. Today budgets are smaller than ever before and event organisers are required to do more with less.


What tools do you believe would be most beneficial to industry professionals?

I have seen many new technologies for personal conference organisers but the problem is that most of them are not really useful to event organisers. The reality is that we are really pressed for time and therefore do not have the opportunity to learn how to use new tools or juggle using a number of different tools. What I would like to use is a simple software solution that I could grasp the basics of without having to attend a course. The piece of technology would allow me to save time and make things a little easier. A piece of technology like that would be ideal.


What do you think of the role of wearables in the market?

Right now, wearable are a bit of a novelty product. They’re nice to have but I personally don’t think that the market is quite ready for them yet.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Vanessa for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat to me and answer my questions. What she said about the challenges faced by those working in the meetings industry was echoed by many of the other industry professionals I spoke to.

I also found that the majority of industry professionals I spoke to at the conference, including Vanessa, liked the sound of wearable technology but didn’t think the market was ready for it. Rather than fancy technological solutions, they seem to be looking for simple devices that are user-friendly and get the job done.


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The author: Gianfranco

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