Mobile Event Apps for Conferences and Meetings

Discover how you can:

  • Manage all your events from a single platform
  • Improve attendee engagement
  • Increase ROI for sponsors
  • Get insights to capitalise on your events' success
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Improve attendee engagement

Enable attendees to make the most out of the event by personalising their event agenda and connecting with the right people at the right time.

Get measurable insights

Measure the impact of your event, learn about attendee interests and evaluate return on investment through detailed event analytics

Increase ROI

Generate new sponsorship opportunities and increase ROI for your sponsors and partners while saving on printing and design costs


Personalised Agenda

Allow attendees to check event schedule and personalise their mobile agenda at any time. Make last minute changes to keep your attendees updated at all times.

Interactive Surveys

Engage your attendees and get instant feedback by adding interactive surveys to your mobile event app. Get instant feedback and make mid-course corrections to the event to ensure attendee satisfaction.

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Attendee Profiles

Take your attendee lists to the next level by allowing each attendee to have their own personal profile. Enable attendees to find other people with shared interests and contact them before/during/after the event.

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Sponsor and Partner Profiles

Increase the visibility of your sponsors and partners with detailed information about their products and services. Enable event attendees to get in touch and request marketing brochures before, during and after the event.

Twitter and Live Feed

Leverage on social media channels to improve audience engagement and event experience. Make it easier for event attendees to share their tweets and their feedback about speakers and talks.

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Other great features

Last Minute Changes

Attendee Networking


Social Media Integration

Feedback and Comments

Venue Floor Map

Push Notifications

Speaker Profiles



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  • More than 300 Attendees
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