Although many people attend conferences and meetings to hear keynote speeches from thought leaders in their industry, others attend them for the networking opportunities they provide. A conference is the perfect place for like-minded individuals to connect and you can cash-in on this by promoting networking opportunities through your mobile event app.

Here we will explain how you can use your event app to improve attendees’ engagement with unprecedented networking opportunities.

Improving Networking Opportunities Using Mobile Event  Apps

Networking opportunities are valuable to people, use them to promote your event app and conference


Event attendee profiles

Make sure that your event app is packed with excellent networking features that make it easier for users to connect with other professionals. One of these features is attendee profiles. This enables users to create their own profile, or import from their Linkedin profile, filled with their personal details, professional info and interests so people can connect with others that have things in common with them and get to know them before, during or even after the event.


Discovering who else is attending the same event

One of the great benefits of using a mobile event app is that it allows attendees to discover who else is attending the same event. It’s a great idea to encourage users to sign up to your event app and create a profile so others can learn a bit about more them e.g. where they are from, whether they share any connections and what they are looking to get out of attending the event.

Allowing people to communicate with each other and get to know one another prior to the event is likely to encourage more people to attend, as they will feel more comfortable being able to recognise a few friendly faces on the day.


Finding the right people at the right time

One of the benefits of using an event app like Bizvento is that your attendees will be able to find the right people at the right time. Providing users with relevant contacts that they may want to communicate with and network with is a great way to ensure they get value from your event.


Making valuable contacts

Using your event app, users will be able to get in touch with other attendees before and after the event. You never know, these people could end up partnering up or working together in some way in the future. Advertise your event app as a great way to meet valuable contacts that could help to boost event attendees’ careers.


Advertise your app’s networking opportunities

When advertising your event app to users via social media and other platforms, it is important to stress the networking benefits of using it. Users are much more likely to download your event app and even attend your event if the networking opportunities are of value to them.

The easier you can make it for attendees to communicate with each other and connect with relevant contacts, the more value they will get from your event and the more likely they are to attend more of your events in the future.



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