Today many businesses are monetising their event apps by providing advertising opportunities to sponsors. This can be incredibly beneficial for both parties, as it provides a way for the event organiser to keep their event costs to a minimum and gives sponsors access to a well-targeted audience.

If you are looking for ways to obtain sponsors for your event, you will need to consider how you can improve their return on investment and ensure they attain a good return on their objectives. Here we will explain how you can use your event app to achieve excellent ROI and ROO for sponsors.


Drive traffic to your sponsors’ websites by embedding links within your event app content

Drive traffic to your sponsors’ websites by embedding links within your event app content

Understanding sponsors’ needs

Before you start throwing figures at your sponsors, you first need to find out what they are looking to get from sponsoring your event. Do not assume that you understand your sponsors’ needs as they are likely to vary from one company to the next. Instead, start by gathering intelligence that will give you an idea of what sponsors’ are hoping to get from advertising their business on your mobile event app.

Whereas some businesses will be looking to increase their brand exposure to a particular target audience, others will be looking to drive traffic to their website or gain information about your attendees.

Once you fully understand the goals of your event sponsors, you will be able to align them with your event app’s features and functionality to ensure they receive a great ROI and ROO.


Increasing their exposure

If your sponsors are looking to increase their brand exposure to your shared target audience, you will need to find the best way to do this. For example, you could put their logo on all of the information pages of your event app or include short advertising clips from their brand.  You could also create a sponsorship page for your app where attendees can learn more about your sponsors and your sponsors can share a ‘welcome’ message as a way to introduce people to their brand.

One of the reasons why event apps are so beneficial for increasing exposure for sponsors is that they extend the lifetime of the event (both before and after) and give you more opportunity to advertise them to your event attendees.


Driving traffic to sponsors’ website

If one of your sponsor’s objectives is to drive more traffic through to their website, they are going to be looking for you to include links within your event app content. These may be HTML links within the actual text of your information pages or image links that allow users to click on their logo in your app and be taken to their website.

In order to increase the likelihood of people clicking on your sponsors’ link you need to provide them with valuable content that gives them reason to want to know more about the brand and their products.

You could also increase exposure for your sponsor and drive traffic through to their website, by using your event app’s push notifications to send short and sweet advertisements to your shared target audience.


Gain insights to attendees

Some sponsors may be less bothered about brand exposure and website traffic and more concerned with getting insights into your attendees, who are most likely going to be their target audience. Using your event app, you will be able to gain real-time intelligence about your attendees that will give your sponsors a better idea of their behaviours.

You may also want to think about creating surveys prior to your event and after it has taken place so you gather more information about your attendees to pass onto your sponsors.



When it comes to improving ROI for your event sponsors, you will find it incredibly beneficial to utilise your event app. Not only will it meet the needs of those looking to increase exposure and drive more traffic to their website, but it will also allow you to gain valuable insights for sponsors’ with the object of learning more about their target audience.


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