A lot of time and effort goes into planning a conference or meeting, so it is no wonder that organisers worry about whether or not people are going to turn up. There are a number of things you can do to attract more attendees, as for example: posting short videos on Youtube, that explain the value and benefits of attending your event; engaging with the target audience through blog posts and newsletters; as well as sending customized messages to different target audiences.

Here we will explain the benefits of using mobile event apps and how they can attract more attendees to your meetings and events.


Make your app accessible from all devices and people are more likely to use it.


Promote your mobile event app on various different channels

Prior to your event, it is essential that you promote it on as many different channels as possible. Promoting your event app on various different social media and networking sites at different times of day, will give you the best chance of targeting the widest audience and attracting the most people to your conference or meeting.

Think carefully about what websites and social media your target audience is likely to use and when they are most likely to be using it. This will help you to ensure that you market and advertise your conference or meeting at the optimal times.


Keep app content up to date

In order for your event app to successfully attract more attendees to your conference or meeting, you need to make sure that you use it to provide your target audience with relevant and up to date information. Your event app should deliver interesting and useful content about your meeting or conference to prospective attendees. Why not peak their interests by sharing a video from one of the speakers talking about what they plan to discuss at the event?

Your app should also provide them with opportunities to network with other attendees prior to the event, perhaps by providing a hash tag they can use on Twitter or a link to a Facebook group you have set up for the conference. You could even let  attendees send messages and discuss what they are most looking forward to at your meeting or conference.

Make sure you keep all of the content about your meeting or conference up to date so attendees can use it to plan their day. The earlier you can provide them with a date, time and event schedule, the more likely people are to attend.


Get attendees involved in planning the conference via your mobile event app

Another way you can use an app to attract more attendees to your conference or meeting is by getting them involved in the planning process. For example, attendes could set up their own agenda and decide what talks they would like to attend or they could even give feedback on speakers, voting who they would like to speak at your next conference. Getting people involved in planning a meeting or conference is a great way to motivate and encourage them to attend.


Use an event app that doesn’t need to be downloaded

Not everyone likes downloading apps to their smartphones for security reasons and some just don’t have the room! This is why we recommend using a meeting or conference app that doesn’t necessarily need to be downloaded. That way you can open it up to a wider audience and ensure everyone has access to the content and information about your event.


Provide incentives via your conference app

Finally, as a last push for getting people to attend your event, we recommend offering incentives via your conference app. For example, you could offer a discount for one of the products or services that is being discussed at your conference. An alternative idea is to provide vouchers for local restaurants and hotels, close to where your meeting is being held, to get more people to attend.



Using a mobile event app is a great way to encourage people to attend your meeting or conference. Not only can you use it to communicate with them on a more personal level, but you can also use it to provide incentives that will make your event all the more appealing.


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The author: Gianfranco

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