During my time at EIBTM, I was eager to meet with as many industry professionals as possible to learn more about the challenges they faced, along with what they were looking for in event technology. High on my list was Erwin Dielens, owner of The ROC (Root of Creativity) and upon meeting him, I found him to be one of the friendliest and competent event professionals I had the pleasure of speaking to at EIBTM this year.

I met Erwin at the Meeting and Design Institute’s stand, where he was giving a presentation about the services provided by his company, The ROC. Whilst I was there, I managed to grab him for a quick chat about his company and find out his opinion on future event technology trends in the conferences and meetings industry.


The roc


Can you tell me something about The Roc?

The ROC is a full service experience marketing and live communication network that specialises in events, meeting, conferences and incentives. It covers a wide geographical area, with experts, contacts and freelancers all over the world.


Can you give me an example of the services that you provide?

First of all, we start by listening to our customers. We ask questions to understand their objectives and the message they want to communicate. Once we have understood their needs, we can then help to find the right venue, create the perfect invite and manage everything on site. We can consult on building a balanced agenda with the right speakers in order to keep the audience actively interested and ensure guests enjoy a memorable experience.


What are the main challenges running professional events?

When planning international meetings and conferences, event organisers often have to provide international attendees with professional translation services. Distributing personal handsets and headphones to event attendees can usually solve this.

Another challenge is keeping event attendees interested and engaged with the right tools at the right time.


What tools are you looking to hold in your hands?

Relating back to my previous point, I think a great tool to have, but one I haven’t seen until now, is a mobile event app that supports live streaming translation. This means that attendees would be able to click a button and select the channel of their preferred language. It would make event planners’ jobs easier and allow guests to enjoy a more engaging experience.

Another type of technology I would like to see being used at meetings and events is holographic screens that can interact with the event attendees. Again, this would help to make events far more engaging.

Finally, as an exhibitor, I would like to have a more efficient lead generation system. Something that allows me to filter event attendees by different factors and send tailored communications to them via email.


What do you think of the role of wearables in the market?

I don’t think that there is a real need for wearables at the moment. There are already many event technologies that can improve audience engagement.

From speaking to Erwin and a number of other industry professionals at the EIBTM, it was clear that whilst they weren’t completely sold on wearable technology, they do believe there is a great need for event technologies, especially for improving engagement. Many of the challenges faced by event planners revolve around engaging attendees and improving their experiences and this is something that the right technology could greatly assist them with.


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The author: Gianfranco

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