The “Summer Networking Nights 2014″ were run over three months in nine different cities across the US and UK. These networking events brought together current students and recent alumni to meet with experienced alumni, parents, and employers from a variety of industry sectors. With the aim to provide the best networking opportunities for all attendees, the Alumni Team at St. Andrews University was looking for an integrated event management platform, that would enable to manage event registrations and supports pre and post event networking for all their attendees.


Bizvento provided an integrated platform to the team at St Andrews and enabled them to take registration for all their networking events in the US. Once the registration system was setup, the attendees could register themselves and also access the Bizvento App to further look at the other fellow attendees and set up meetings before the event even started. Due to the time limitations in some of the bigger events, Bizvento helped the attendees spend more time connecting and less time fumbling around. Bizvento also helped the team to focus on more important activities than printing booklets, which enhanced the overall experience of everyone attending the event. Bizvento provided post event analytics, which helped the team measure the impact of these events for the first time since the events have been organised. With the integrated data management across all events, the Alumni team now has updated information for their alumni databases.

“The app itself provided a great way for attendees to ‘stalk’ potential connections which meant they spent less time fumbling around at the beginning of the event and more time connecting. It also meant that, on the whole, attendees were more prepared when speaking with new contacts. Not having to print large amounts of thick event guides also saved us a great deal of time and effort, not to mention cost that more than covered the cost of the Bizvento platform. Finally, the support team were excellent and very responsive, especially seeing that this is a new product, they ensured we were well supported throughout the process.”

Robert Gelb (International Opportunities Manager, University of St Andrews)

Attendee engagement

  • 890+ users in the Bizvento platform
  • 21,000+ page views
  • 165+ hours spent by attendees to pre-plan their networking event

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